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Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic
at Cross Anchor Chiropractic

pregnant mom and child smilingCross Anchor Chiropractic is a family-friendly office, with chiropractic care available for the entire family—including moms-to-be and children from infancy through young adulthood.

Just as they are for other chiropractic patients, adjustments are safe for Mom and Baby during pregnancy, as well as for children from infancy and beyond.

Pregnancy Adjustments

It’s common during pregnancy for mothers to feel pain in the hips, lower back and pelvic cavity. Chiropractic adjustments help keep that area freely moving, so the nervous system has an open channel of communication via the spine to the brain and vice versa. This reduces the symptoms of discomfort and keeps each patient feeling their best during this special time in their lives.

Dr. Morgan works with each patient to meet them at their comfort level for adjustments. If a mom doesn’t like the pregnancy pillow, Dr. Morgan will adjust the style and can treat her lying on her side instead. Everything can be modified to ensure the patient feels good and is comfortable with the treatment they’re receiving.

When your body is aligned, the baby can progress through the birth canal with more ease. Dr. Morgan’s patients have reported better labor and deliveries as a result.

Pediatric Adjustments

Even as early as their first week of life, children can benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments. During the birth process, as the baby progresses through the birth canal, bones can shift and misalignments can occur. That can present in babies as colic, trouble feeding, uneasiness, and trouble sleeping.

Through the most gentle of touches, Dr. Morgan can help adjust your baby’s alignment & bring them back to optimal function.

As the child ages, and makes their way through the rough and tumble toddler years, into the active cycle of elementary school, and on through sports and other activities in their teens, chiropractic care can help keep their bodies fluid in movement.

Additional benefits include less sickness, better sleep, reduced seasonal allergy symptoms, and even better athletic response in older teens.

We Want to Meet Your Family

A visit to Dr. Morgan is beneficial and fun. Whether you’re a new mom trying to give yourself and your baby a better pregnancy and delivery experience, or you just want your children to receive natural, safe and effective treatments for their growing bodies, we can help!

Contact our office today to make your appointment, and take that first step to better health for the whole family.


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